By Naomi Atwater

After the pandemic, most of us are more ready to travel than ever. You may have even been saving up for a while for a trip and are not sure where to start. Grab your passport, pick a month, and head out on an adventure this year! 

Summer is the peak tourist season for Europe, but in the spring, prices on flights, stays, and activities are dramatically decreased. You will likely be wasting less time waiting in lines and shuffling through crowded subways. One mistake I made last year was visiting Paris in August. Because it was so busy, I did not get an opportunity to visit the Louv. The line was so long that it would have been closed by the time I could make it in! Make sure to plan a visit during a time of year when you can see everything on your bucket list.

US West Coast National Parks
While avoiding sweltering temperatures and crowds, plan a road trip snaking through the US West Coast and hit national parks like Yosemite and Mt. Rainer. Here is a suggested itinerary starting and ending in Los Angeles, California, and visiting three parks. Or check out this itinerary, which involves a more comprehensive experience visiting more parks and includes some adventurous activities!

Upstate New York brings beautiful weather every summer and is home to the Adirondack Mountains, which are full of thousands of lakes, hiking trails, and forests perfect for camping out and retreating. Pitch a tent on a campsite or rent an Airbnb and breathe the mountain air. You can easily fully unplug up here or stay in a more residential area and stay in touch. Plan your stay in a variety of options in the Adirondacks!

Whatever you are looking for in terms of a relaxing vacation or an adventure, Canada has so much to offer in the summer. Whether you are searching for a beautiful island stay like on Prince Edward Island, a road trip along the Alaskan Highway, or family-friendly activities in a city like Halifax, put Canada on your calendar. Read about the best places to visit in Canada this summer! 

South America
This fall, you will avoid very hot temperatures and the rainy season in much of South America. Countries like Peru, Columbia, or the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador offer incredible landmarks, history, nature, and more. Read about some of the best places to visit in South America!

US Northeast Coast
The US Northeast is a classic fall destination, where early to mid-October fall foliage is at its peak. If you start in New York City, plan a road trip hitting Providence, Boston, Portsmouth, and ending in Portland for a total drive time of only six and a half hours and seeing incredible views along the way! 

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia, with unpredictable weather during some other times of the year, is dry and warm in the winter, making it ideal for outdoor sightseeing and activities. However, this season does predictably bring more crowds. When planned out, Asia can be affordable and accessible to backpackers and those wanting to stay in one place for a while. Start planning your trip!

New Orleans
If you are up for experiencing distinctive music and amazing food, New Orleans hosts Mardi Gra every February and is an exciting destination all month. And if you are looking for a more relaxed trip, the city is quieter, slower, and much more affordable in December and January. After Mardi Gra, March through May offer comfortable temperatures before the heat of the summer kicks in. Learn more about visiting New Orleans.

Wherever you travel, make sure you check out the Single Girl’s Guide to Traveling Internationally. Also, check out  Travel Agent Secrets to Planning Your Fall Break for an inside scoop on how to plan your trip!

Happy traveling!

Naomi lives in Pittsburgh, PA but her roots are from a little Christmas tree farm in upstate New York. She works in marketing for Greater Europe Mission, an international nonprofit organization. She’s always finding ways to make room in her budget for traveling and reads over 100 books each year.