By Melanie Kreifels

Life can be complicated. On any given day, we have so many things coming at us. Technology offers some ease in our lives, but it can also overburden us with multiple decisions with an immediacy. Those decision often relate to our family, work or home and have profound impact. An essential part of our decision-making comes down to how we care for our finances, and sometimes, it feels like there isn’t space to clear our minds and set our financial path straight. That’s where comes in. 

Our goal in starting the magazine in 2020 was to have a continual reach and touchstone with our audience to connect with other women across the country, creating space to make changes in their lives and those around them. By sharing stories from other women overcoming challenges or offering tips in the decision-making process of financial goals, we can help each other alleviate some of our mutual burdens. As part of the great wealth transfer, women are expected to inherit much of the $68 trillion in wealth that baby boomers are passing down, according to research by McKinsey. Our goal is to provide a wide swath of information to help put these women in the best financial position. 

One of the founding principles of Smart Women Smart Money was to create a sense of community, letting women hear they are not alone. Stories of inspiration in overcoming challenges or trying something new permeate our focus in helping alleviate some of the burdens women face with practical skill-building. Our magazine is also a great resource to locate past articles you might find relevant.

We recognize that not everyone comes from the same place; each of our stories is unique, which means our journey looks different. That’s where we invite each of you to find yourself in our stories. Just because the path may look different, it doesn’t mean your goals are out of reach. The stories we share are stories of women witha consistent belief in what they want to achieve and persistence to stay the course even in the hard times. Whether managing wealth funds in the billions or starting a prosperous side hustle, perseverance is the key. 

Another great aspect of being unique is finding goals that work for you. In 2024, we arrived at this place in society where just because something has always been done this way doesn’t mean it’s the only way. We’ve shared many stories over the past four years of women who listened to their hearts to achieve what was important to them. They often go against the “norm” and pave their own way. SWSM Magazine will continue to tell their stories. By doing so we will help bring financial stability and generational change for women everywhere.

If you have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

Melanie serves as the Managing Editor of Smart Women Smart Money magazine and is also a licensed clinical therapist. She is passionate about helping women in pursuit of making positive changes in their lives. She enjoys spending time with family and touring the countryside to gaze at old barns. Melanie is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri and received her master’s degree from Mid-America Nazarene University. Melanie and her husband reside in the Kansas City area and are loyal Chief fans!