September is College Savings Month: Missouri Treasurer Raising Awareness of 529 Savings Plan

"Data demonstrates that having an education savings account makes it more likely a child will attend a higher education institution. Data also shows that education influences socioeconomic...

Fatherly Advice: Find Your Passion in Your Work

Do what you love. Choose something that gets you revved up and don’t worry about whether you can make money at it or not. What would you...

UNCLAIMED PROPERTY: $10 Million Back To Mississippi

By Mississippi State Treasurer David McRae My great-grandfather grew up on a farm in rural Rankin County. He opened his first department store in Jackson, Mississippi, at the...

Heart of the Matter

Putting money in perspective can be a challenging thing to do, especially with the uncertainty of the job market and overall economy of these recent months.  Will...

SFOF Greeting: Indiana Treasurer of State Kelly Mitchell

It is my honor this year to serve as Chair of the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF). I joined this organization shortly after my election as Indiana’s...
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