Schedule a Financial Tune-up during Financial Literacy Month

By Carrie Sheffield April is Financial Literacy Month so SWSM spoke with Bobbi Rebell, CFP®, about the importance of getting a smart financial tuneup. Rebell is a former...

This Financial Literacy Month: Turn to the Experts

By Sarah Wall With Financial Literacy Month underway, it’s the time of year when many of us are thinking about our financial situation, whether it’s filing taxes or...

Build As You Climb: Entrepreneur Spotlight on Kelsey Johnson

By Sarah Wall To anyone who knows Kelsey Johnson, one thing is clear: She’s going places. But she’s determined not to go alone. Kelsey is the founder of J....

High School Financial Ed Requirements Produce Positive Results

By Shannon Santschi Conduct a quick internet search and you will find that research and programming on financial education has skyrocketed in recent years. The trend has been...

Thinking About Your Investments as the Election Approaches

By Sarah Wall The 2020 presidential election is approaching, and many of us wonder how the election season may impact investments and 401(k)s. It’s a valid concern: 2020...

Dini Harris: How the SWSM Conference Changed Her Life

"I was reticent to talk about myself, but in doing so, I realized I was not alone," she says. "A Lot of people go through hard times,...
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