Chloe 'High-Fives' SWSM Conference Emcee Carolyn Holly as she takes her place on stage. Photo by Deb Wonch

By Chloe Pullan

Let’s talk about making money as a kid. Do you think you could take on that challenge? Well, I had the pleasure of meeting two young girls who started a business of their own. McKenna and Jaelyn had some neighbors that had a lemonade stand, and the girls wanted to do something similar, so they decided to start selling dog treats. They had a passion for helping Tailwaggers, a local rescue center for dogs, and thought dog treats would be a great way to help support the center. The girls started selling treats at local events throughout the community. McKenna and Jaelyn named the business Bark Bites. They are really creative with the names they give the treats. A few of my favorites are “Luke Skybarker,” “There’s a Pug on my Rug,” and “Joan of Bark,” aren’t those creative names? The treats are made with all-natural ingredients to make sure dogs are eating healthy treats! McKenna and Jaelyn were nice enough to send Kobe, my dog, a few treats to try. He was a big fan and was begging for more!!

Starting a business as a kid is a great way to learn about money. McKenna and Jaeyln talked about learning a lot about money and explained that now they are working for their money, they value it more. We all could learn a couple of lessons from McKenna and Jaelyn! First of all, earning money doesn’t mean you have to spend it right away. As a kid myself, I know it’s hard not to want to go out and spend all your money right when you get it. It is a struggle for me for sure! I’m learning that saving my money is a better route to take. If you save your money, you can spend it on something that you really want and is more valuable. Another lesson that we can learn from McKenna and Jaeylyn is the importance of giving back! These girls give a portion of their profits to Tailwaggers each year. Isn’t that amazing? Not only are they hard-working, but they are caring as well! Thank you, McKenna and Jaelyn, for being an inspiration to young girls around the world!