By Chloe Pullan

Who doesn’t love a good garage sale?!! Basically, all my family loves them, and we go to garage sales throughout the summer. Even the kids in my family love them, sometimes you can find some really cool things. I don’t like them only for the things I can find, but I also like them because I can make money! I mean, every kid wants to be able to make money!

One way a kid can make money is by selling some of their old toys. I know it can be hard to sell some of your toys but think about toys that you don’t play with very much and get rid of them. You never know; you might make another kid’s day by selling something that they have wanted for a long time.  If you sell enough, you might be able to go buy something new!

Another way I have made money is by selling lemonade and cookies.  My mom or Grams helps me get the supplies, and then I sell the items during the garage sale. My mom makes me pay the cost of the lemonade and cookies back to her because she is teaching me about money. She said that when I pay her back, the money I have left is the profit I made, and someday I will need to understand this concept. My Grams doesn’t always make me pay her back, and I like this set-up better! I just get to keep all the money I make, and Grams pays for the supplies!

Something else that is good about selling things at garage sales is that you learn about counting money and counting back change. My mom told me it is important to learn how to count back change because you need to know if you get the right amount of change back when you buy something.  Technology helps us out a lot with counting back money, but it is good to understand counting back change in case technology doesn’t work. My mom and I work on counting back change at home, and I am getting better at it. In the video you can see how we practice at home.

Good luck at your summer garage sales!

P.S. That lady on the front cover is pretty amazing! Make sure and take the time to read what Carolyn had to share. You won’t be sorry!