Chloe 'High-Fives' SWSM Conference Emcee Carolyn Holly as she takes her place on stage. Photo by Deb Wonch

By Chloe Pullan

Have you ever wanted something at a store and your parents told you no? Maybe you could start your own business and be able to buy it yourself. Just because you are a kid, doesn’t mean you can’t! Let me tell you a story about my friend Treasurer Allison Ball from Kentucky and the booming business she started as a kid. At  9-years-old, she started her business and in the first week, she made over $200. How cool is that? Do you want to know what else is cool about her making that much money? She did it by selling pencils, is that crazy or what? She says that her parents gave her an allowance of $5 a week. After a bit, they took it away because she wasn’t learning what they wanted her to learn about money. As kids, we would know that not getting an allowance is a bummer. So, Allison decided to start a business. Positive Pencils International was a success and helped Allison buy many things throughout her life as a kid. She even had enough money to buy herself a horse!!! I mean selling enough pencils to buy a horse blows my mind!

After talking to Treasurer Ball, I learned that even as a kid, I could start a business myself. Not only would I earn money and be able to buy things without my parents’ help, I would also learn a lot about the value of money and saving money. Treasurer Ball also talked about how starting and owning a business teaches you about hard work. Learning about hard work will help me in school, sports, and my future job. You have to have commitment and work hard to be successful. She also talked about a great time to start business is while you are a kid because everyone wants to help you become successful and will buy your stuff! So find something that you can sell and get to it!

If you are interested in starting a business take a few minutes and watch my interview with Treasurer Allison Ball and learn about her fun journey. You won’t regret it!